Our core capabilities

Undersea Surveillance

Detection. Deterrence. Defence.

Maritime Systems supplies advanced surface ship and submarine towed arrays to Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, and Australia. Solutions range from a variety of surface ship towed, and deployable high power acoustic projectors, and receiver systems to low cost, small form factor, expendable devices.

Through the Earth Communication


Using a quasi-static magnetic field as the communication channel, Maritime Systems' Magneto Inductive products operate at a low frequency; ensuring there is no interference with other conventional systems. The magneto field allows for penetration through any natural medium such as water, ice, earth, rock including subterraneous tunnels, caves, bunkers or built-up urban structures, making our magnetic communication offerings sound options for mine safety.

Research and Development

Innovation through experience

Maritime Systems is committed to innovation, and the advancement of technologies, that will lead us forward into the future. To this end, we have an exclusive group of engineers who are dedicated to the creation of new technology, and evolution of current solutions, in collaboration with our customers.