Maritime Systems has been a long-term leader in the design and manufacture of air-launched acoustic sensor systems, producing almost three million units to date.

In concert with its sister division, Sonar Systems in the United Kingdom, Maritime Systems is also able to offer its customers a complete range of environmental, passive, active, and multi-static sonobuoys.

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Bathythermal Sonobuoys
          36B Bathythermal Buoy
          937D Bathythermal Buoy
          536 Bathythermal Buoy

Passive Directional Sonobuoys
          53D3 Directional Passive Sonobuoy
          553G Directional Passive Sonobuoy

Multi-Static Sonobuoys
          565 LFA Sonobuoy
          573 Directional Passive Multi-mode Sonobuoy

UEMS Sonobuoys

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